Cheska Couto

17, dancer, artist, lover, fighter, stranger, smoker, glitter, nails, and vodka baby ;*

Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon (via feellng)

You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.


Why am I not happy when I should be happy when I am not but suppose to..

What’s wrong with him..

andrewmoerder asked: Hey beautiful!! Where do you live?


Miami :) you?

Senior Pictures Plan

Step 1: Find and buy new makeup.

Step 2: Get nails done.

Step 3: Get eyebrows done.

Step 4: Find bomb shoes.

Step 5: Dye my hair red.

Step 6: Cut my hair into long layers.

Step 7: Curls <3

Step 8: Wear a black fabulous dress

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